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*Data taken from official Alpha Kappa Delta website on 3/11/2013.

Alpha Kappa Delta Graduation Cord Comparison Picture

Alpha Kappa Delta has their graduating students wear teal honor cords to show their membership in an international sociology honor society, but they aren't the only place your students can find teal honor cords. Our Teal Graduation Cords can be used by graduates for a number of reasons, but one important option is to help recognize student participation in honor societies. Our cords are made from rayon, and are exceptionally high quality. They have a very nice feel and weight to them. Teal Honor Cords can be purchased as either double cords or single cords. Single cords come as one cord, and double are two graduation cords tied together. Our teal honor cords are made of three separate teal colored smaller cords that are twisted together to make a single larger cord or rope. Tassels are then attached at each end to complete the 70 inch Graduation Cord. Compare our pricing and customer service to Alpha Kappa Delta's honor cord pricing and see how your students can benefit from shopping at Honors Graduation.

Sociology honor societies recognize students in the field of science that studies people and their interactions with one another. It studies society in a scientific way. Sociology honor societies have chapters in many countries, with tens of thousands of students participating in sociology honor societies nationwide.

Teal is one of many graduation cord colors available from Honors Graduation. The first time that one can see the use of teal appearing in written English is 1917. Teal is a blue green color and is complementary to a host of colors. Teal looks good with Black, which we carry in stock as an honor cord, and with Coral, which would be closest to our graduation cord pink. These cords are for students who have studied sociology.

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