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*Data taken from official Delta Epsilon Phi website on 3/11/2013.

Delta Epsilon Phi Graduation Cord Comparison

When it comes to encouraging high school students, one of the best things a teacher or administrator can do is to offer them a reward for their successes in whatever field interests them. National honor societies for students of foreign languages, such as German, works to promote student interest in studying the subject language and culture by offering membership and rewards to students who show an affinity for the subject. These honor societies only accepts students of the highest caliber scholarship, requiring that members meet such qualifications as a high grade pint average, not only in their German classes, but across all subjects, and completion of several semesters of foreign language classes. Students who are able to meet these requirements are offered more than just membership, they are given the opportunity to meet other students with similar tastes, to participate in activities that celebrate the German culture, and to inspire other students to enjoy the interesting diversity of the German language. When these high school students graduate and prepare to go into college, they are given red, black, and gold honor cords, to represent their past success and their determination to continue in their studies in the future.

Our red, black, and gold graduation cords are all synthetic, so you can be assured they will be a lasting token of your students excellence. Our cords differ slightly from those available from the Delta Epsilon Phi website, in that the tassels at the end of our cords are solid black, rather than equal parts black, gold, and red. These cords are the perfect way to honor your students for their academic prowess and inspire them to continue their preferred field of study in their future endeavors. Talk to your school administrators and local Delta Epsilon Phi chapter to learn more about how best to wear the cords at your commencement ceremony. Be sure to include the red, black, and gold honor cords at your graduation exercises, and provide the encouragement your students need to continue their education in success and excellence.

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