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Delta Phi Alpha Graduation Cord Comparison

As spring approaches and students' minds are filled with thoughts of graduation, they look to the great unknown future with excitement and anticipation. For some students, world travel is the only thing on their minds, and the thought of visiting the countries they've been studying gives them immense satisfaction. These select few who place so much value in diversity of culture and language have earned the right to be publicly recognized and honored for their efforts. For those who turned to the language and culture of Germany for a large portion if not the whole of their studies German honor societies can be a haven of information, friendship, and activities to encourage young scholars in their study. At graduation time, members of these greek letter organizations can get Greek Graduation Honor Cords. For students studying German, these cords are usually red, black, and gold braided honor cords to wear across their shoulders as they receive their diplomas.

Our red, black, and gold braided graduation cords are crafted from all synthetic material, so you can be sure your graduates will have this small memento of their success for years into the future. Red, black, and gold honor cords, the bright shades of the German flag, will ensure that deserving graduates stand out at their commencement ceremony, and that they are acknowledged for their excellence in their chosen field of study. German honor societies uphold strong expectations of honor and respect, not only for other members of the society, but also for anyone who is interested in learning more about and participating in the German culture. By offering their members the opportunity to don the red, black, and gold honor cords at their school commencement, they are encouraging further education and growth for both their students, and for anyone else who asks about the symbolism of the honor cord. In order to become a member of German honor societies, students must meet several requirements, such as holding a high grade point average, taking a determined number of advanced German language and culture classes, and offering some indication of intention for further study. German honor society members that have proven themselves to be true scholars are given the honor of wearing a red, black, and gold honor cord at graduation.

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