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*According to information available on the Kappa Mu Epsilon website on 3/11/2013, the organization does not have an official supplier of honor cords.

Buy Rose Pink and Silver Double Cords

When it comes to graduation, you want to make sure your students are given every opportunity to be recognized for their individual academic and personal successes. One way to acknowledge the growth and diligence of your graduates is to give them the chance to wear honor cords specifically designed to symbolize their greatest achievement. For members of mathematics honor societies, pink and silver doubled honor cords may be offered for commencement ceremonies and other graduation activities. These double cords consist of one pink honor cord and one silver honor cord tied together.

Math honor societies were specifically created for the promotion of mathematics education and development, and focus on encouraging students who are interested in mathematics to continue in their studies and, in turn, improve current understanding of the subject. One of their main purposes is to provide recognition for any student's outstanding achievement in the field of mathematics, and the pink and silver graduation cord is just one of the means by which they honor their members. Membership in these societies is competitive, as students must meet such requirements as maintaining a high grade point average, completing a number of hours in mathematic course work, and otherwise proving themselves to be devoted scholars in the interest of mathematics. Such hard work to earn membership in math honor societies deserves to be rewarded at your commencement ceremonies.

Our pink and silver honor cords are all synthetic, so you can count on their durability for years to come. Your graduate will treasure their token of success, and will always feel pride at their accomplishments when they look back on their educational experiences. Make sure you check with your school administration as well as your local math honor society chapter for specific instructions on how to wear the graduation cords. Your honored graduates will stand out for their particular successes when they don their pink and silver honor cords for this major achievement in their lives.

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