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Graduation Cords
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*Data taken from official National Student Nursing Association website on 3/11/2013.

NSNA Graduation Cord Comparison

Graduation is more than a time of celebration of past successes, it is also a metaphorical step forward into the future. For some, the idea of graduating and entering the professional world can be intimidating, and students need encouragement as they prepare for the rest of their lives. Members of student nursing honor societies are able to focus on helping nursing students prepare to move forward into the next phase of their careers, and encouraging them to continue to grow professionally. Nursing honor societies offer scholarships and other tools to nursing students who are members of the associations. Students who have participated in or benefited from nursing association honor societies are often able to wear special royal blue and white braided honor cords around their necks during their school commencement exercises.

Our royal blue and white graduation cords are highly durable, made from all synthetic material, so you can depend on these tokens of excellence to stand as a long lasting reminder of your graduates' success. Royal blue and white honor cords are also visually stunning against the traditional black robes of graduation, ensuring that your honored students stands out from among the crowd. Including our royal blue and white graduation ropes in your commencement ceremony is a means of inviting your graduates to uphold the traditions of honor and diligence that have brought them to this proud turning point in their lives. Be sure to check with your college or university administrators and NSNA representative for details on how the honor cord is meant to be worn at your graduation ceremony.

Honor cords are a symbol of both the excellence of the past and the potential for the future. Make sure your students are given the special honor and recognition that they have earned throughout their educational experience, and include them in your invitation to don graduation cords for your commencement exercises. Nothing could give a student more pleasure and pride than having their hard work and dedication to academic excellence publicly acknowledged. Royal Blue and white cords are sometimes called nursing cords.

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