Nursing Graduation Cords

Nursing Graduation Cords from Honors Graduation can come in a few different styles and colors. Cord colors differ depending on what group, organization or society you are in. Although we are not officially or unofficially associated with any nursing organizations, the colors of cords that we offer from our graduation cord lineup often match or closely match the cords and colors used by official organizations.

Often the colors used to designate nursing are orchid, white, purple, lavender, teal, royal blue, and gold (or some combination thereof), however, honor Cords for nursing school organizations, clubs, programs, or nursing department cords can be any color your school or organization wants them to be. Some schools even provide red, white, and blue double tied cords to students in their nursing program who are also active duty military or veterans of service in the United States Armed Forces. Often it depends on your organization's colors, or the colors you decide on. You could choose a solid or braided, single, double, or even triple graduation honor cord. We carry all of those colors at Honors Graduation. Graduation cords for nursing are also made available from one of various local, national, or even international nursing societies. Compare our cords to theirs and we will win on price every time. If we don't, let us know and we'll beat the pricing they offer.

Many national and worldwide nursing organizations exist in which students may participate to help develop their interest and talents in the nursing field and profession. Organizations called honor societies exist that help coordinate student activity at the collegiate level. Graduates who have participated in these organizations are rewarded at graduation by having the honor of donning honor cords in the colors of the honor societies in which they have participated. Graduation cords for nursing honor societies may be lavender and white double cords. Blue and white braided cords are another popular option.

At Honors Graduation we carry a variety of graduation honor cord options, including the blue and white braided honor cord that is two parts blue and one part white.

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