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*Data taken from official Pi Delta Phi website on 3/6/2013.

Red White and Blue Graduation Cord Picture

Cultural diversity and understanding are such important parts of today's interconnected global life, and students who strive to embrace such diversity and expand their cultural horizons should be applauded for their efforts. For students who are interested in French language and culture, honor societies provide a great opportunity to connect with other students with similar interests, and to continue their education and development. When it comes time for its student members to graduate, french language honor societies honor students by offering them the chance to wear blue, white, and red braided honor cords around their necks at their school commencement ceremonies.

Compare our cords to Pi Delta Phi graduation honor cords and see how you can save on your chapter's purchase of blue, red, and white honor cords! The Pi Delta Phi trademark and products are not connected with Honors Graduation in any way.

If you or your students have met the rigorous requirements, including reaching and holding a high grade point average, achieving a competitive class standing, and taking several advanced level French language and culture classes, show your pride at graduation with blue, red, and white graduation cords. Students should be encouraged to continue not only in their own education of the French culture and language, but in the improvement of French studies at universities across our country. Participate in cultural activities and service projects to help inspire others to learn more about the French culture. Your students have worked hard, and have earned public recognition for their achievements.

Our blue, white, and red braided cords are made of the highest quality synthetic material, so your students can treasure their honor cord keepsakes long after graduation is over. The blue, white, and red graduation cord resents more than just congratulations and honors for past success; it is also a symbol of all the hope and potential your students have for their future endeavors. Encourage your students in their life goals by rewarding them with blue, white, and red honor cords from Honors Graduation.

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