Graduation Tassels in Black and Red

Black and Red Tassels are an excellent choice. Graduation tassels are an essential part of any graduation ceremony. The black and red graduation tassel represents both the focus and the passion that are necessary for an education. Whether it is reserved for students who have exemplified these qualities, used to designate students of a specific field of study, or worn by all graduates as a sign of school spirit because it is in the school colors, the black and red graduation tassel is sure to bring a heightened feeling of inspiration to your commencement exercises.

Black and Red Graduation Tassel Picture

To wear the black and red graduation tassel, simply place the black loop at the top of the tassel around the button on the top of your graduation cap, and allow the tassel to dangle over the front left side. When instructed to do so, students will turn the tassel from the left side to the right, indicating that they have officially made the step from student to graduate. Some schools may choose to have the tassel begin on the right side and turn to the left, so be sure to see a school official for specific instructions on how your commencement ceremony will go.

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