Your graduation gown symbolizes an important moment in the culmination of your academic career. Whether it is a traditional high-school or university commencement ceremony or a special event for your kindergarten students (we carry sizes all the way down to 2' 10"), we'll be your partner to make sure everything goes smoothly on the big day.

Cap & Gown + Tassel CAP & GOWN + TASSEL
Graduation Gowns ACADEMIC GOWNS
Cap with Tassel GRAD CAP & TASSEL
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Have a question about placing orders for your school? Check out our short guide underneath the gown color chart.

Graduation Gown Fabric Comparison

Graduation Gowns: Consider this when ordering your gowns -

Fabric Style - Gowns come in two different finishes, shiny and matte. Shiny gowns are made of a lighter cloth with a more reflective, glossy finish. Matte gowns are made with a slightly heavier fabric that absorbs more light instead of reflecting it. Because of differences in the materials used, shiny gowns are slightly less expensive to manufacture.

Reusability - The most common request from schools is to order a cap & gown + tassel set for each student for every graduation ceremony. It is not uncommon for a school to have gowns that are retained by the school and reused each year, so only the cap and tassel need to be reordered annually and are given to the students as keepsakes. While we do not have a gown rental system, some schools purchase the robes from Honors Graduation and then rent the robes to their students.

Ordering System - Many schools order and pay for their graduation cap and gowns on behalf of their students, or the school places the order with us and passes the cost on to students. Alternately, we have an option for students to place their orders directly through our website on a custom page created just for your school. If you have any questions about either option, let us know!

Gown Colors - Get your graduation gown in any of the following colors in either shiny or matte fabric:

Shiny Black Shiny Light Blue Shiny Navy Blue Shiny Royal Blue Shiny Brown
Shiny Gold Shiny Emerald Green Shiny Forest Green Shiny Maroon Shiny Orange
Shiny Pink Shiny Purple Shiny Red Shiny Silver Shiny White
Matte Black Matte Light Blue Matte Navy Blue Matte Royal Blue Matte Brown
Matte Gold Matte Emerald Green Matte Forest Green Matte Maroon Matte Orange
Matte Pink Matte Purple Matte Red Matte Silver Matte White