Graduation Tassels in Black and Silver

Black and silver graduation tassels are ideal for any commencement ceremony. They inspire a level of professionalism, a feeling of pride in your students, that will remain with them as they continue forward in their education, or in their future employment, and look back on their experiences at your institution. The black and silver graduation tassel can stand as a lasting memento of pride, success, and hope for the future. What could be better than offering your graduates this final bit of inspiration for the next phase of their lives?

Black and Silver Graduation Tassel Picture

A silver and black tassel is worn by placing the tassel loop around the button on the top of a graduation cap, or mortarboard, and letting the tassel drape over the front left side. When instructed, students will turn the tassel to the right, indicating that they have been recognized for their achievements and are officially graduates. Some schools reverse the direction of the tassel turn, beginning on the right and turning to the left, so be sure to see your school administration for more detailed instruction.

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