Leis are not just a graduation product. Island nations throughout the Pacific from Hawaii to Tahiti have used leis as a tradition of showing celebration or thanksgiving at special occasions for thousands of years. While we specialize in all things graduation, feel free to use our leis for any special event you might want to celebrate!

graduation leis

Graduation leis are artificial flower or kukui nut leis that make the perfect gift for any celebration you might have. Whether you need to say "thanks" or "congratulations" for a commencement ceremony, performance, or just a welcome home, your student or loved one will appreciate the cherished gesture. Leis can even be used to honor the memory of a loved one that has been lost.

Leis are garlands or wreaths that are usually designed to be worn around the neck, although head leis and various decorative leis also are found. They are popular in the Hawaiian islands as well as throughout other Pacific islands such as Polynesia.

In times long past, as well as for some who still follow the ways of their ancestors leis were even used in worship with sacred uses associated with the gods. Today, these colorful garlands are used by students of many cultures and backgrounds to celebrate at special occasions, and are especially popular at graduations.

Before buying a graduation lei, check with your student's teacher or with the school to make sure that they allow decorations like leis at their commencement events. This is a similar policy to what we recommend for students and their parents who are looking individually at purchasing graduation cords or stoles and sashes.