Graduation Tassels in Green and Silver

When it comes time for your students to graduate, it is easy to get caught up in the stress of planning the commencement ceremony and lose sight of what it is really all about it. Remember, this is a huge step in the lives of your graduates, and they will savor every moment, and cherish every memory. A graduation tassel is an excellent way to show your students that you appreciate all of their accomplishments, and can serve as a souvenir of their success for years to come. A green and silver graduation tassel can represent the school colors, a particular field of study, or a student who is graduating with honors. However they may be used, green and silver graduation tassels are an excellent addition to almost any commencement ceremony.

Green and Silver Graduation Tassel Picture

Green and silver are quite popular as school colors, and so are frequently used to unify the graduating class in school spirit. However, the green and silver tassel might be used by honor societies, fraternities, athletic teams, and other exclusive groups, to allow their members to stand out among the graduating class. A green and silver graduation tassel represents the academic growth of the wearer, and sets them apart as an outstanding student. You know your students have worked incredibly hard to reach this point in their lives, so offer them the chance to wear green and silver graduation tassels, and allow them to feel the deep sense of pride that comes with completing a phase of their education.

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