Red White and Blue Graduation Cord Picture

Intertwined Graduation Cords are a great way to represent multiple colors in one cord. All of our honors cords have 3 strands braided together to form one cord. Most of our cords have all three of those strands being the same color, which is how you get a typical one color graduation cord. Intertwined cords on the other hand have multiple colors braided in. Since the honor cords have three strands if you want multiple colors your options are to either have two parts of one color, and on part of the other, or to have three separate colors.

Our intertwined cords come in many colors, but we can only sell the colors that we have listed at this time if you need them soon, or in smaller quantities. If you are looking for custom color combinations, are wanting to order a large number (500 or more) and are willing to wait a few weeks, we can get you any color combination you would like (with, of course, a three color maximum). One of the most popular intertwined cord options is probably our Red, White, and Blue braided cords, which are often used to denote military service.

Intertwined color combinations we have at this moment include Royal Blue with White, Royal Blue with Gold, Red White and Blue, Red with Silver, Red with Black, Black with Red, Gold with Green, Red Black and Gold, Red with White, and Kelly Green with White. In the previous list if there are two colors listed the first color is in two strands, while the second color is in one. This list of colors is subject to change at any time, as we are always looking to add new popular color combinations. Intertwined cords are a great way to set apart students who are graduationg with high honors, such as cum laude and summa cum laude.

There are three ways to get the tassel in an intertwined graduation cord. The first is solid color. In this option the tassels are all one color, usually the more dominant color in the honor cord. The second way is mixed. Mixed is when all the colors in the braided cord (2 or 3) are mixed into the tassel. The third kind is separated, or 50/50. This is when the two colors in an intertwined cord are both represented in the tassel, but their colors are not mixed together, but are rather split up into two halves of each color. We have cords that represent each of these styles, so it is best to ask which way our tassels are if you have a particular way you need them to be.

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