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Double Graduation Cords are two separate cords that are tied together to make one cord. The appearance of a double cord from the front is that of wearing two cords. From the back one will see a knot at the back of the neck. At Honors Graduation you can make a double cord by combining any two of our colors, including braided honor cords. Double tied Graduation Cords can also be of two cords of the same color, such as a double gold graduation cord.

Each Cord in a double honor cord from Honors Graduation is approximately 70 inches long by itself. Once tied the double cord is approximately 67 inches long. So the length of the cord loses about 3 inches to the knot. Depending on the person the double honor cord hangs down about 30 inches on each side from the shoulders. A double graduation honor cord has a total of 4 tassels, one on each end of the two cords that make up the double cord.

Double Honor Cords are used for a variety of different designations at graduation. For example, they can be used to designate that someone is graduating with honors or high honors in the case of cum laude, summa cum laude, and magna cum laude. They are used to show membership in a club or honor society, such as the Red and White Double Cord of the FCCLA, or the Navy Blue and Old Gold Double Cord of Delta Epsilon Iota.

One of our most popular Double Graduation Cord Combinations is Royal Blue and Gold, which might be used for Alpha Kappa Psi graduation cords.

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