Light Blue Graduation Cord Picture

Light Blue Graduation Cords are one of our more popular products. The color of blue is very attractive and is similar to a sky blue or baby blue. You may consider using light blue honor cords for students who have earned their Eagle scout honors, particularly if royal blue, or red white and blue cords are being used by another group at your commencement ceremony. Light blue honor cords would also be a good choice if blue is one of your school colors and you have students who have earned their International Baccalaureate. You are sure to be popular with this high quality Graduation Honor Cord.

Light Blue is featured in the Honor Cords of more than one honor society. Alpha Psi Omega cords, for example, use Moonlight Blue and Bastard Amber. Moonlight blue is a light blue. Gamma Theta Upsilon has Brown, Light Blue, and Gold as the colors in their honor cords. The communication honor society Kappa Tau Alpha's colors are light blue and gold. And Phi Beta Kappa, the nation's oldest honor society, has graduation cords of light blue and pink.

In addition to honor societies, some sororities use light blue as well. Gamma Phi Delta, a sorority started in 1943 at the Lewis Business College, has the colors of baby pink and baby blue, which is a light blue, and Alpha Delta Pi, who claims "azure" as one of their cord colors, could also be rperesented by a light blue honor cord. Light blue could also be an appropriate substitution for Alpha Kappa Delta graduation cords, which are normally a teal shade. But it's not only societies and sororities that use light blue, schools do as well. For example, Grand Valley State University in Michigan has the colors of light blue, white & black. These are colors that we do not currently carry together, but they would make a great triple cord. The University of Great Falls in Montana has sky blue and harvest gold as colors of theirs.

There are four main kinds of light blue. Periwinkle, Powder Blue, Light Blue, and Baby Blue. Our light blue honor cord can be used for any of the last three, but is nowhere near the color of periwinkle. It is closest (of course) to light blue, then baby blue, and then powder blue.

There are many other honor cords that we carry currently that have a shade of blue in them. Including:

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