Rose Pink Graduation Cord Picture

Rose Pink Graduation Cords are great to use for your group, club, society or school for graduation day. Our Rose Pink Honor Cords are 70" long in total (62" of cord and 4" tassels on each side). Our Rose colored cords are darker than pink, but lighter than maroon. They might be considered to be in-between those two colors, but closer to maroon. Rose pink cords are a great way to honor students who have participated in band, or choir, and have excelled in those pursuits, but may not have qualified for a Tri-M honor cord.

There are many different shades of rose, or rose pink, that exist out there. There is classic rose, misty rose, tea rose, tickle me pink, rose bonbon, persian pink, brilliant rose, french rose, razzle dazzle dazzle rose, fuchsia rose, persian rose, china rose and raspberry rose. Of these different shades of Rose, Honors Graduation's Rose Pink Graduation Cord is closest to the Raspberry Rose and China Rose.

At least two prominent National Honor Societies have been known to use rose pink honor cords: Kappa Mu Epsilon (the National Mathematics Honor Society), and Alpha Epsilon Delta (the National Premedical Honor Society.) KME, as Kappa Mu Epsilon is also known, was founded in 1930, and now has over 100 chapters. In some places it says that KMU uses pink and grey cords. However, their colors are "pink of the wild rose" (rose pink) and "silver of the star" (silver). So it is safe to say that KMU uses rose pink honor cords.

The official colors of Alpha Epsilon Delta are Red (or scarlet) and Violet. That combined with the fact that the society's official flower is the rose shows why the society has been documented as using rose pink graduation honor cords before. The fraternity Pi Beta Phi has wine as one of their colors, this can be represented with a rose pink cord. If pink cords are being used for another society or group, you may consider rose pink for your Phi Beta Kappa cords.

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