Braided Graduation Cords are honor cords with more than one color in them. This is a good way to show school, club or organization spirit without breaking the bank as our braided cords cost the same as our solid color cords. There is somewhat of a catch, however, in that we only carry the braided cords that we have listed in stock. This means that if there is a braided cord combination that you want, and we don't have it listed, then the best thing to do is get it as a double cord, which features the two colors you are looking for tied together in the middle as opposed to mixed into one cord. Another option is to do a custom order. This needs to be of 100 cords or more, and will take a little bit longer to arrive at your destination, as they have to be custom made. The good news is that there is no price difference for custom cords.

Our current list of braided cords includes:

Braided with two colors will have more of one color than the other because there are 3 strands to each honor cord, so two of them will be one color and the one will be the other. In the preceding list the first color listed has two strand while the second color has one strand. This does, of course, not apply to three color cords where each color gets its own strand in the rope that makes up the cord.

There are many schools, clubs, groups, and organizations that use braided cords, like the fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi. The tassels in Braided Honor Cords will have either one solid color, two colors divided evenly, two colors mixed, or in the case of three color cords they can also have three colors mixed.